miraDry in Your Practice

With 1 in 20 people coping with excessive sweat, miraDry can offer a permanent reduction in underarm sweat with high patient satisfaction. Our team helps support your patient by providing informational materials, education and after care tips.

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Service providers that offer support for software updates and maintenance

Responsive technical support to help keep your investment running smoothly



An experienced and dedicated sales team to help you stock your office with all necessary materials

Support for your practice in driving education and awareness

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Patient education materials

Dedicated patient site with a 'find a provider near you' tool

Media Kit

Download quarterly marketing materials for your practice and patients.

ProductmiraDry Campaign 2023 - Handpiece 1
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ModelmiraDry Campaign 2023 - Models 1
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TreatmentmiraDry Campaign 2023 - Treatment
ProductmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Single BioTip - Mint
ProductmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Handpiece - Dark Blue
Numb It, Mark It, Treat It - Laurel
AnimationmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Question Mark
AnimationmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Question Mark V2
AnimationmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Handpiece
AnimationmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Handpiece V2
AnimationmiraDry Campaign 2022 - BioTip
ModelmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Oby - Bright Blue
ModelmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Lawrence - Dark Blue
ModelmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Melissa - Mint
ModelmiraDry Campaign 2022 - Laurel - Tan Blue
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PostHH Awareness Month
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CarouselQ + A: What is HH Carousel
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