miraDry practices and supports fair market standards that put patient safety and customers integrity first. The miraDry device and treatment are highly technical and require comprehensive training which is why we are selective in choosing partners who adhere to the highest clinical and ethical standards. As a result, miraDry is committed to preventing and stopping diversion, or the unauthorized procurement, reselling or counterfeiting of miraDry consoles and bioTips (miraDry systems).

miraDry systems are considered diverted if they are purchased from or sold by unauthorized parties or without approval from miraDry, Inc. as this may include counterfeit or defective product which endanger patients and infringe on intellectual property rights. The unauthorized selling, distribution, or purchase of miraDry systems is prohibited and a risk to patient safety. Purchasing and selling miraDry systems without prior agreement from miraDry, Inc. will result in the immediate discontinuation of all miraDry services, including order fulfillment and technical support from miraDry, Inc. and its affiliates.

We maintain that any involvement in diversion, fraudulent or counterfeit activity involving the miraDry trademark or miraDry system is a liability to the participating parties where miraDry, Inc. has the right to take legal action against all involved parties in protection of patient safety and miraDry intellectual property. Furthermore, our authorized partners are stewards of the miraDry brand and we require the reporting of any known attempt to sell or procure miraDry systems that are deemed suspicious or unauthorized. Reports should be sent to an official miraDry representative and can also be reported to

For a list of authorized distributors, please see, noting that this list may not be comprehensive.

We thank you for your support in maintaining fair market practices, clinical excellence, and high ethical standards to deliver safe and effective excessive sweat relief for patients globally.