The miraDry treatment is FDA-cleared and has been proven safe and effective through multiple rigorously controlled studies. With over 300,000 commercial treatments, patients report high satisfaction rates and data shows a strong safety profile.

Clinical Results


Permanent reduction of
underarm sweat.2,3


Demonstrated long term
odor reduction.4


Significant reduction in
underarm hair.7

High Patient Satisfaction in as little as one treatment, optimal results in two.



Photos of an actual miraDry patient before and after their miraDry Treatment
SkinSpeaks, Edina, MN

Clinically Proven to Eliminate Sweat and Odor Glands

Published studies demonstrate destruction and elimination of sweat and odor glands and permanent reduction of sweat.

Human histology illustrates sweat gland destruction with miraDry.

Normal sweat glands


Sweat gland cells devoid of nuclei – complete celluar necrosis

10 days post miraDry treatment sample

No sweat glands

180 days post miraDry treatment sample

Long-term Studies Demonstrate miraDry is Effective in the Permanent Reduction of Sweat.2,3

Sweat Reduction

Long-term studies demonstrate that miraDry is effective for permanent sweat reduction.

Odor Reduction*

Long-term studies demonstrate that miraDry is effective for permanent reduction of odor3.

*Clearance for odor reduction in US markets only.

Hair Reduction*

Long-term findings of approximately 70% reduction in underarm hair in patients in both light and dark axillary hair was seen, and is stable through 12 months of follow-up7.

*Clearance for hair reduction in the US.